6 Week 1:1 Package

Do you have one or two particular challenges that you keep butting up against?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a loop? Has your personal growth become stagnant?
Do you feel like you need an injection of coaching to get you back on track?

This 6 week energy experience is specifically personalised to you to address 2 keys areas that are most prevalent in your life right now. We narrow the playing field to laser in on these key areas of focus.

Program Details

  • A customised 6 week program crafted to your personal needs and requirements to address 2 key issues in your life right now
  • 1 x 90min Q&A session followed by 5 x 90min sessions on Zoom or in-person once per week
  • Weekly homework to help recalibrate your being on a daily basis
  • Additional personal support and follow-ups between sessions when necessary as Joanna holds space for you to deeply shift
  • Access to Joanna’s latest multi-dimensional wisdom & guidance in the moment
  • Personalised activating meditations, gong baths sessions and channelled messages
  • Priority access to Joanna’s other events

We start with a deep dive to understand the dynamics of these challenges, and then move into a series of sessions to shift the energy and rebalance what is required as we bring in higher awareness.

We strategically use activations, tools and practises to shift you out of your old operating system of unconscious programming, conditioning, belief systems and blind spots so you can start to truly see yourself underneath the layers.

We break through perceived blocks, patterns and challenges related to these areas so you can shift into alignment within and experience more happiness, harmony and success in all areas of your life.

You will remember your true authentic self, ignite your individual blueprint and feel a deep sense of connection and contentment like never before

Tools, awareness and mindset are shared to course-correct your daily life with ease and grace, entraining you into life-long lasting practices and knowledge to take forward with you into your future.

Each session is intuitively crafted by Joanna for you personally, depending on what is pertinent to work on each week.

Each session includes breathwork, activating meditations, quantum practices, alchemical conversations, customised multidimensional experiences, energy transmissions, sound therapy and channelled wisdom.


NZD $291 / USD $209 per week

Payment options:

  • The total amount in full of NZD$1750, to receive a bonus of the 6 week Heart Technology course worth $279 OR
  • $291 per week (paid each week in advance)
  • If you really want to do this program and these payment options don’t work for you – get in touch and we can work something out!

I’m confident of my work, and therefore happy to refund you for any sessions unused after the first 4 weeks if you no longer wish to continue the program for any reason.