Active Use of Consciousness For Alignment & Flow

river between green leafed tree

How often do you use active consciousness, moment to moment, throughout your day to make use of the energetic codes of everything around you? The colour, sounds and textures in the landscape of your reality?

When you are out for a walk do you connect with the trees and flowers and the birds? Or do you rush through to check it off your to-do list? Have you ever asked the shades of green from the leaves above you to trickle down onto your energy field to balance and realign you with the frequency of that tree? Life is energy in motion. We are made of energy and are made up of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Different aspects of the whole that need attending to, to be in a state of alignment and flow.

Everything we need to balance ourselves is within us. We have inbuilt technology to find creative solutions to anything we want to rebalance, transform, evolve from, or expand into. All that is required is awareness, intention and the conscious action to make use of the abundance that we are surrounded by on this planet, into the galaxy and beyond.

Published by joannawalden

After years of working in advertising and marketing in New Zealand, Australia, New York and London I finally quit to follow my dreams of travel, writing and letting the universe guide me through the magic of life.

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