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After 15+ years of a successful advertising career in the global meccas of Melbourne, New York and London, Joanna left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passions of holistic energy transformation.

Joanna is passionate about self-empowerment through energy consciousness, evolving through practical and grounded exploration, shifting consciousness, upgrading our state of being, transformational travel to sacred sites and helping others reclaim their mastery – their innate genius and true selves underneath the conditioning, behavioural patterns and limiting beliefs.

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Those who have read The Inside Hustle know how connected I am to the animal and nature kingdoms. I’ve had a menagerie of all kinds of animals cross my path over the years, unexpected and in the most unlikely places. Especially when others aren’t experiencing any such thing, which makes it even weirder. I had Bob the barking squirrel at my apartment in NYC, an apartment full of cocoons and hatching butterflies in Brazil – not to mention the giant anteater, stampeding horses, a wild cat and plethora of spiders. Some months ago a hawk flew right over my house after inducting a new client in the burbs here in Auckland city and more recently my bedroom has filled with baby praying mantis. The animal kingdom serve as messengers for us, if we are aware enough to notice. It always calls for pause to listen, decipher and tune in at a deeper level.

The end of 2022 was a big purge for me, and I listened deeply, not taking up any offers of NYE plans – intending to be with exactly what was, despite the discomfort and inconvenient timing. The feelings lifted after a few days of crunchiness, old aspects of self leaving, space being created and levity returning. I’ve been reevaluating a lot on the deepest level of my being, so I was navigating the void and releasing what was necessary to bring in the new. That space in between there can be what is perceived as a lack of guidance, or things go quiet which only deepens the experience. So when the messages start appearing it’s time to take notice and feel into what is being conveyed. Each of us are different – and it’s about building up an understanding of your own unique reference points in the communications from the divine intelligence through the animal kingdom, or whatever other means (dreams, synchronicities, numbers etc) might be communicating with you. 

Last weekend I connected with a pine tree where I parked up at a friends birthday festival in Te Arai and returned not long after arriving to replenish my drink. I took my hat off and a deep breath with my eyes closed when I felt something fall on the crown of my head. I touched it and it felt sticky – and I looked up at the tree thinking it was pine sap – as a gift, which I was grateful for despite feeling gross. But then I felt something else, and I pulled the stickiness out of my hair to reveal a dark blue black writhing wormlike creature with a silver stripe down it’s back. It looked part snake, part leech, part worm and not a creature I was familiar with.

It had fallen right on the top of my head – literally on my crown, which felt like an activation in itself, especially as it left sticky residue. I mean what are the chances of a weird worm falling from the sky onto my head the moment I took my hat off? What was a worm doing up a tree? It didn’t seem like it was dropped by a bird…so many questions spring to mind in such circumstances. Yet, when you read into the world of energy, spirit and consciousness – you know there are no accidents and nothing is as it seems on the surface. Being blue and silver also felt important in its significance. Silver being a highly reflective metal, can symbolize our ability to reflect on ourselves and see our true nature. Deep blue is about wisdom, wisdom collected through experiences over time. 

As I held it in my fingers in awe, wondering if I had discovered a new species given I had never seen anything like it before, i placed it on a branch and watched it move. It got more blue by the minute and I managed to take some photo and video, before getting enough cell reception to google and find out more. I was gobsmacked when I discovered who and what it was.

Meet the amazing Blue Planarian Flatworm – who brings a cosmic message of regeneration, immortality & evolution!

“a small freshwater worm that defies everything we know about biology and adaptation; in other words, a true jewel of evolution. The secrets hidden in its small organism are such that it has been considered immortal. Although its body is not very intricately engineered, it is at the same time one of the most complex organisms scientists have ever encountered. This small worm has the great capacity to regenerate itself and has even developed the ability to regenerate all parts of its body, including organs.”CulturaColectiva.com

Common worm spirit animal meanings “The meaning of the worm speaks about miraculous regeneration and healing. The worm meaning reassures you that just when you feel like giving up, you will receive your breakthrough. You will experience your rebirth at just the perfect time. The worm symbolism also speaks about taking life one step at a time.” Source

The NY Times even wrote an article about it “Chop off this worm’s head and it can still detect light,” which says far more than this science article intended in terms of energy and extraordinary capabilities of all life on this planet.

The overall message from the Blue Planarian Flatworm couldn’t be more on point for me at this time, and for many others no doubt at this time of intense global transformation and navigation of systemic change. We must remind ourselves in times of challenge that there will be always be a next breakthrough and we have the ability to make a come back at any time. 

We are in a constant state of regeneration as we transform through different layers of our personal evolution. We have untapped secrets within our own biology that are intricately engineered to the new divine human technology – that as homo luminous beings. 

Everything is ultimately moving us in this direction – so we must continue to dream, to expand and step into further divine expression of all that we are. 

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