About Joanna

Joanna is passionate about helping you reclaim your innate mastery to experience a life of connection, flow and sovereignty.

Your innate wisdom, genius and true self is buried underneath the conditioning, behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs of your current state of being.

Joanna teaches self-empowerment through energy consciousness, evolving through practical and grounded self exploration, shifting multidimensional energetics and upgrading your operating system to impact all areas of your life.

After 15+ years of a successful advertising career in the global meccas of Melbourne, New York and London, Joanna left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passions of holistic energy transformation.

Inspired by a series of mystical experiences in her teenage years including premonition visions, seeing auras and meeting a spiritual master who advised her of a future role in shifting consciousness; Joanna embarked on a global quest to find her purpose and ultimately her true self, through a process of self-actualized realisation.

During her lifelong intuitive journey, Joanna has followed her heart relentlessly taking her on endless energy adventures and experiences around the globe to activate her divine codex within.

As a self-proclaimed ‘poster child for imperfection,’ she is real, relatable and unflinchingly honest.

Joanna offers inspiring and illuminating information, effective practices and divine wisdom for the complete recalibration of your being.

Joanna was born with a deep inner knowing of the fundamentals of consciousness and energy practises which she now uses authentically in her role as visionary transformation specialist, using multidimensional heart technology to guide you back to who you really are.

Her awareness and alignment to emerging new consciousness energies and technology is emitted through her energy signature, which is perfect for bringing light to the dark, reclaiming personal power and providing comfort and clarity during this time of great change on the planet.

Signature Process of Transformation