Transformation Is An Inside Job

I have been fascinated by transformation my whole life. Not necessarily physical transformation but deep inner transformation that allows us to harness our innate power as a creator being and consciously craft a reality that serves the truth of who we are.

I’m talking about that light within us. That spark of consciousness that operates on an entirely different level than our personality self. The level that quietly dominates the energetic background of our experience, like an inner gps constantly serving reality to us to alert us to how we are operating, with us barely knowing it until we become conscious and ready to live in a new way.

I was sick of not being where I wanted to be. I was over being challenged by repeating old patterns. I was conscious but still lost and confused and bumping up against myself in a myriad of ways. 

So I relentlessly pursued transformation and change, looking for answers in all sorts of ways – from physical, emotional, spiritual & energetic. Not realising that energetically one must embody that which they wish to become – not continually be in the energy of seeking, searching, healing, trying, over-analysing…or looking outside of oneself for answers. We truly have it all within us.

It was a process to understand how my unique energy signature and human technology operates on the more subtle layers of my being. Yet when I embraced my inner mastery, stopped looking at myself as broken or less than or needing to figure something out – things started slotting into place pretty quick.

I wrote about this journey back to myself in detail in my memoir The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misift’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. Where it became so crystallised that what had really been holding me back was me. As conscious and aware as I was there were a lot of the unconscious patterns playing out as I was getting in my own way or using my energy currency focused into the wrong places outside of myself and criticising instead giving myself enough credit.

Everything that happens on our inner is reflected back to us in our outer reality. You quickly begin to have radical responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions when this lands within – rather than feeling as if life was happening to you, and a victim of circumstances or people in the outside world.

As we look into our conditioning, mental patterns, trauma and programming we start to unpick some of what is controlling our inner world, and make adjustments to recalibrate our self to a new state of being.

The new science confirmed why this works – telling us that: 

  • We are the source field of energy.
  • That every cell in our body functions as a transistor, a resistor and capacitor, storing the releasing information like an antenna receiving and broadcasting data. 
  • That consciousness informs itself. 
  • That we are the energy of creation. 
  • That all matter in the universe is connected and entangled. 
  • The universe is holographic and that we are a fractal. 
  • That emotion influences DNA. 
  • That DNA influences matter, and therefore emotion influences matter.  
  • We have to become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world. 

(Source: Gregg Braden)

We are the technology we have been waiting for. When we really understand our human technology we step into our mastery.

The question is – do you love yourself enough to live your life in a way to fulfill your potential?

What It Is Like Working With Me

There are many facets to my work to take you from one state of being (the old) to another (the new). Transformation, in order to be long lasting and effective needs to have an impact on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of one’s being.

There isn’t a one stop solution or a silver bullet, and so I tailor a lot of my work to the individual or group – guided by my most expanded state of being and drawing from intelligence at a higher level of consciousness.

Sometimes this doesn’t make linear or logical sense – but if I have learnt anything along this path, it’s that that kind of thinking is what is most in the way of our progress.

Interestingly the work I do has the following effects:

  • Opens you up to more of your innate gifts & superconscious abilities
  • Creates more sensitivity via expanded awareness of the subtle layers of your being
  • Brings you a deeper connection to yourself
  • Creates harmony & alignment within
  • Fosters better relationships
  • Brings more flow, synchronicity & opportunity into your life
  • Rebalances the emotional and mental body’s
  • Entrains you out of reliance on the mental body
  • Activates your heart technology

I prefer to spend more time focusing on the new than digging up skeletons and going over and over old trauma. The truth is – we change in the most expedited way when we do this.

When we embody that which we wish to be – we become it. All we have to do is get out of our own way and rewire ourselves to the new.

It takes conscious awareness and effort to create the new – which is why my signature 12 week ‘reboot your life’ program is so successful. Weekly sessions and an open dialogue help immensely as you navigate life to enable you to be constantly reminded of how to reframe and reprogram yourself.

The good news is that everything we need is already within us. Stepping up to reclaim your mastery becomes effortless along the way. The new science supports the background of this work – allowing us to understand from a quantum physics perspective the intricacies of our human technology and why and how this program of transformation works.

The work is anchored in heart technology as we go through a process of an intimate deep dive into levels of yourself you may have not be aware of or explored before. I gently guide you as we work through the blindspots, conditioning, belief systems and programming to open into new levels of consciousness, recalibrate all layers of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etheric) and rewrite your programs. 

I guide you back to you – back to connection with your true self, remembrance of your mastery and into a new version of you. We use consciousness shifting conversations, quantum multidimensional practices, sound therapy (voice, gong bath and other sound frequencies like tuning forks, tibetan bell and symbols, shamanic drum), channelled messages and tools and techniques to vibrationally shift you into a new state of being. 

I am incredibly passionate about our human potential, and opening us back up to our divine technology in a practical way that helps us experience our daily life with more ease, grace, prosperity & love.

I believe we are just scratching the surface of what we are capable of and right now at this time on the planet it is vital for us to start the journey of remembrance. To step back into how magnificent and masterful we truly are, why we came and how we can inspire and serve others when we embody this completely.

Start Preparing For Your Highest Potential In 2022

The time is now to prepare for 2022. By the time the new year rolls around and you step forward into January 1st with some flimsy new year resolutions, it’s already too late. You are entering the new year in exactly the same state of being, and bringing your old self into the new year with you. 

Now is a fantastic time to start thinking about what you want to take with you into the new year, who you want to be in 2022 and what you would like to leave behind. 

November and December are potent with astrological alignments. We have the 11/11 & 12/12 gateways, two eclipses, 21/12/21 and the solstice leading up to the final Uranus Saturn square just before Christmas. This energy is set to prod and poke you from all angles to allow you to see clearly what is no longer resonant within you as you move into a new year.

It’s a time of opportunity if we can bring in awareness and dive deep within our being to bring to the surface anything in the way of our highest alignment.

Questions have a beautiful way of setting energy in motion.

Start the flow of energy in communication with your inner being and your true self. Start asking yourself questions about the next phase of your personal journey and any vision or dreams you may have moving forwards. 

  1. What is the highest possibility and potential you could create for yourself in 2022? 
  2. What is in the way of this highest potential right now? 
  3. What part of me is not in alignment with this highest potential currently?

Get heart centered, and then throw these questions out and release them without any attachment to what might come back. You will notice how the answers start to flow into your reality to communicate with you in a variety of ways over the coming days and weeks. Be extra observant and conscious of everything that is coming into your frame of reference and  interacting with you. All of it is purposeful.

Next, get really honest with yourself by conducting a self audit as a way of ascertaining what is and is not working in your life. Take the key categories of relationships, health, wealth and career and delve into what aspects are at play here. Then ask yourself:

  • Are you experiencing any loops or patterns? 
  • Which areas are you experiencing flow and where is there stagnant energy? 
  • Are these areas where you would like them to be – operating in the most supportive and loving way they could be for you? 

When we can get real with ourselves and stop settling, we tap into what else might be possible. We take the power back to shift our energy to experience something different. 

We are remarkable creator beings full of potential and possibility – if we would only get ourselves out of our own way!

Use these weeks through the end of 2021 to intentionally work with internal alignment and letting go of anything in the way of your highest potential in 2022. If you lay the groundwork now, you will enter 2022 sailing at full force and allowing the wind and light to effortlessly flow through you in greater service of your self. 

If you want to take advantage of these energies and do some groundwork for 2022 I have a new 5 week online energy journey starting on 11/11. You can check it out HERE

What is Heart Technology?

Have you heard of heart technology? Well if not you are not alone, as neither had I until 2017 when I was visited by three giant beings of light in a dream.  

By this point I was having a lot of profound experiences and receiving fascinating information in my dreams, and some dreams felt very different, and like a multidimensional experience instead. I learned to trust in what was being offered to me and follow the guidance.

“What about this healing modality?” I was asking. ”No” they said.

“But what about this ancient meditation technique?” I continued. “No,” they said again. “And even this spiritual teaching?” I cried, exasperated that all my spiritual practice seemed to be flying out the window.

“No,” they said definitively.

“It is all about heart technology. There is nothing as effective or important as the heart. There only is, and always has been the heart.”

I had no idea what that meant, so first I consulted the Google Goddess! Nothing came up with that search term, just various cardiac equipment but I soon found that the heart is so much more than just a cardiac muscle beating in our chest. It’s our direct connection to source energy, it’s our access to infinite wisdom and our true self. Not to mention it is a multidimensional technology ready and waiting for action within us.

Shortly after, I discovered the Institute of Heart Math who do independent research into the psychophysiology of stress, emotions and the interactions between the heart and the brain. They were talking about something called heart coherence and I was encouraged to continue. “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says.

I noticed that leaders in the human potential movement such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza were starting to talk about the heart as the most powerful magnetic field in the body, and that the heart had its own intelligence based on the research from the Institute of Heart Math. I knew I was onto something.

I was taken on an inspired journey, directed by my love of new knowledge and adventure, my inner wisdom and heart, as I explored this idea of Heart Technology. 

I soon came to find that it could be used in a multitude of ways for example, to deepen your connection with yourself, for alchemy and processing past hurts and traumas, for creating internal alignment, for use as a multidimensional portal and for visioning and creation. A powerful untapped technology that we are only just starting to get a handle on, and what this means as pure potential.

Getting into heart coherence has provided a solid foundation for all my work in this area, and a very visceral experience of how to get out of the head.

Try this easy 3 step process to get you into coherence:

1.    Move your awareness to your heart. Focus your attention on the centre of your chest, or I like to put a hand over this area.

2.    Slow down your breathing, both in and out to calm your nervous system. Breathe out to the count of eight.

3.    Create uplifting feelings or emotions within yourself. This can be as easy as thinking of a favourite, person, place or pet. Or just imagining a small baby animal like a fluffy duckling does it for me!

Do this for at least 7-10 breaths minimum to feel a difference, and feel the energy anchored in your heart space with a calm, expanded feeling.

Check out my free mini Heart Technology 101 class on Youtube and if you want to learn more and enjoy a powerful guided 6 part experience with lots of information and heart activation, check out my Heart Technology 6 Part Online Series


Heart Math Coherence

Science of the Heart

My Love Affair With Sacred Sites

I’ve been attracted to sacred sites all my life. There’s something about giant stones in symbolic circles, megalithic structures that no one knows the real purpose of and anything else veiled in mysterious history or powerful natural earth energies that have me drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

I have visited hundreds of sites around the world, some of the most famous sites like The Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Delphi, the Sistine Chapel, Machu Picchu, Avebury, Uluru (Ayers Rock) Angor Wat to name a smattering and those not known to anyone at all. Some allowed me to access energetic experiences and different levels of my consciousness, and others (mostly the most famous and older ones!) were far less remarkable. All of them I was drawn to for a reason. A reason way beyond my human understanding, but a knowing of my true self, and the depths of my soul.

The Pyramids, Egypt

I’ve been attracted to sacred sites all my life. There’s something about giant stones in symbolic circles, megalithic structures that no one knows the real purpose of and anything else veiled in mysterious history or powerful natural earth energies that have me drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

I have visited hundreds of sites around the world, some of the most famous sites like The Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Delphi, the Sistine Chapel, Machu Picchu, Avebury, Uluru (Ayers Rock) Angor Wat to name a smattering and those not known to anyone at all. Some allowed me to access energetic experiences and different levels of my consciousness, and others (mostly the most famous and older ones!) were far less remarkable. All of them I was drawn to for a reason. A reason way beyond my human understanding, but a knowing of my true self, and the depths of my soul.

Macchu Picchu, Peru

Sacred sites are often on energy vortexes where the ley lines of the earth meet. Similar to the meridian lines in our body’s energy system. This can provide a more powerful access point where we are able to interact with the energies of the earth and the cosmos, and even on a multidimensional level – access portals to other dimensions via different layers of our consciousness. 

The intelligence and wisdom encoded in these sites is profound. Accessing the full capability of a site requires some basic protocol to honour the sacred energies, and an open heart of pure intention. Sometimes the experience isn’t for us to ‘receive’ anything for ourselves at all, but for us to be used as a conduit, or for our energy and the codes we are carrying within our energetic structure to be exchanged and used to activate the site itself. In giving, we receive. 

As I mentioned in my transformational travel memoir The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown, some of the strongest energies and experiences I was surprised to find right on my doorstep here in New Zealand. I now suspect this is due to the fact that the new consciousness energies are anchored here in this land of Aotearoa which will be even more important in the coming years. 

These are the energies we are all working with as we remember our true selves in our personal evolution, and that of the planet, as we regain reverence for the natural world of which we are a part, and realign with love, respect and unity consciousness for all beings.

I offer private tours, vision quests, group energy immersions, retreats and a host of other offerings to help you tap into the deeper layers of yourself and use these amazing sacred sites for your personal transformation.

I have been training my whole life for this without even realising it, and I cannot wait to share it with you, whether you live locally, or based in the rest of the world. Get in touch!

The ‘Crown Chakra Of The New Earth’ Mt Titiroa, New Zealand

Juice Cleanse 101

I’ve just come off a DIY home 3 day juice fast/cleanse and am feeling remarkably sharp, clear, high energy and clean.

When I lived in New York 2001-2006 it coincided right into the beginning of the raw food movement and David Wolfe’s raw food cafe was a hole in the wall around the corner from my apartment in the East Village. When I went to various lectures in my neighborhood on raw food, juice and fasting the people attending were deep into the movement with greasy, stringy hair, sallow looking skin and were very, very stinky. Not the greatest advertisement. Being my judgmental mid twenties self, I kept it all at arms length and dipped in and out of it, going balls deep on my own. I did pick up a lot of intel after researching everything ad nauseam at the time, and as I brushed up on a few principles to start this fast, it all came flooding back.

A 3 day Juice Fast is a good reset. It recalibrates your eating habits towards healthier choices, increases energy levels and has a noticeably restorative effect on the body as you give the digestive system a rest.

The body has it’s own amazing detox practices, and it feels like this just supports it in doing this work while taking a break from food – especially meat & dairy, and even supplements. I don’t really use a juice fast specifically for weight loss, although you do see the scales move, it’s hard to tell if there’s much difference once you start eating again.

Whether you believe in the idea of cleansing, fasting and detox or not, eating clean and taking some time out from a normal diet makes me feel good in many different ways. You can’t deny that assaulting the body with a seriously clean intake and lots of water has an effect.

Whether it’s getting headachy or having old memories crop up in your awareness, an energy boost or needing more sleep than usual, I always feel it doing something to my system. I started to have a couple of old cringe-worthy memories crop up in this most recent juice fast, and as I tuned in to see whether there was some work to do for me internally – i realised I didn’t. It was the last release from my cellular memory that was triggered by the cleanse. Amazing! So it’s good to listen and observe yourself and what is going on within you while undertaking this kind of process.

Keep reading below for tips, what to expect and other helpful juice cleanse insights!

Here are a few tips if you want to try your own 3 day juice cleanse:


There are various types of juicers on the market, at a range of prices. The best is a masticating or cold slow pressed juicer rather than a centrifugal juicer. The masticating doesn’t kill off any goodness with heat and you get max juice out of your pulp – so less wastage and more bang for buck. In saying that though they are significantly more expensive and any juicing is better than none!


Any decent juicer requires a bit of cleaning, and my Champion Juicer (literally still going from the 90’s!) isn’t all that easy to be honest – especially if you use celery as the fibrous string tangles around the rotator inside (even after cutting it up small). However it is worth it to me as it’s far less expensive and better quality, balanced juices than anything from a juice bar or store bought.

Pre Cleanse

It’s not best practice to go from eating a burger the night as a last dinner, straight into a juice fast the next day. You can do it, you just probably wont feel that good and it’s hard on the system! I usually phase out as much seafood, meat and dairy as I can a few days before a cleanse. I eat lots of salads or vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Fish is a better option if you have to have a protein.

Tips & tricks

  • You want to have a green juice every second juice. Green juices are the best overall for you so the more the better.
  • Overall you want to steer away from sugar as much as you can. Even natural fruit sugar. So a hint of fruit is fine if you need to make it palatable, but the less sugar the better! Carrots and Beets are also much higher sugar content, so use other veg such as cucumber or celery to dilute them and bulk it out.
  • With a green juice – you can add a ½ – 1 green apple or pear. Or some berries. Something not too sweet. It’s also nice to have a more savoury juice sometimes of pure vegetable, herbs with a tomato and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Kind of like a sober Bloody Mary!
  • Always add lemon. Great in all kinds of juices and is alkaline in the system.
  • Don’t forget to utilize fresh turmeric, ginger and fresh herbs (parsley, mint, dill, coriander etc). I often put both turmeric and ginger in both green and root juices – and the herbs as you prefer. Parsley is punchy, so don’t go overboard – but soooo good for you! Sometimes I just do a pressed ginger and turmeric shot to switch it up.
  • If using Turmeric – always add a pinch of black pepper to allow the turmeric to activate in your system
  • I recently heard about the amazing health benefits of blueberry juice, so I included a shot or two, if I felt a lull during the day and needed a pick me up.
  • I find that green juices keep you fuller for longer. Especially pure vegetable juices with mostly greens. Don’t be afraid to put some broccoli, cauliflower, zuchinni or even radish in too!
  • Experiment with interesting greens other than the usual spinach and kale – like amaranth, dandelion, sorrel, watercress, rocket, romaine lettuce, silverbeet, bok choy. They all have different properties and health benefits and it’s fascinating to look it up and find out about them.
  • It’s good to make about 400-500 mls of each juice to keep you satiated. I prefer to make them fresh as I go, as they do oxidise and lose their enzyme activity the longer you leave them. In saying that if you can’t do that then use glass bottles or jars and fill them to the top so there is less air! And any juicing is better than none in my mind so just do your best with what you can.
  • Chewing the juice when you first drink it signals to your stomach and is key for activating your digestive enzymes.
  • I soak cashews (you could use another nut I guess but cashews are the softest and easiest) overnight before I blend them with water the next day and a pinch of Himalayan salt and some organic vanilla essence. Make enough for 3 days worth at the beginning and keep it in the fridge. Some people add a little agave or a date or two to their bulk of cashew milk – entirely up to you! I like to warm the raw cashew milk ever so slightly so as not to destroy the raw enzymes and add cinnamon.
  • If you feel you need it and/or it’s winter you can have a cup of vegetable broth. Either homemade or there are some great brands now on the market that do nourishing broths with seaweed and herbs

A daily plan for the 3 Day Cleanse looks like this:

Warm Lemon water

Herbal tea

Green Juice

Root juice (carrot, beetroot, ginger etc)

Green Juice

Raw homemade cashew milk at the end of the day as dinner

· I mix in shots of pure turmeric/ginger/black pepper & blueberry juice occasionally if I don’t add this to the juice

· At least 1.5 Liters of water throughout the day, and as much herbal tea as you like

What to expect

  • Expect to feel a little hungry! Your system takes a little while to adjust, but if starving have more green juice.
  • If you are a coffee drinker you’ll likely have a headache so cut down those coffees before heading into a fast
  • You may feel a little more tired than usual, creative, cranky, headachy or high as a kite! It all depends, and is often related to how clean your diet is usually. Just don’t judge and if you need to throw in a broth or cashew milk during the day do it. It won’t be the end of the world!
  • Sometimes sleep can be better or worse. I find as I move through and get more energized. I need less sleep!
  • Take time to observe yourself and how you feel and what is coming up for you. It’s great to meditate every morning, connect with your heart, journal and connect to nature at some point if you can.

I never undertake anything strenuous when doing a juice fast. I work normally and then take a walk in nature or do some yoga every day.  I find doing this at the end of the day helps stave off hunger in the evening! But however you do it, keep it light and easy, and guided by how you feel.

Post fast

Coming off the fast is as important as the fast itself. The same principles apply as pre-fast in general for a day or two after. It’s about slowly reintroducing different kinds of foods back into your diet. If you go straight out for a celebratory rich meal and wine after, your probably not going to feel great and your body will have a hard time processing the onslaught after a fast.

I always break the fast with fresh fruit. One kind first like watermelon for the electrolytes, then something else like an apple, pear or berries a little later. Keep it simple. Then move into a raw soup (I love cucumber, avocado, zucchini & dill!) or salad later in the day. Just slowly add things – and not everything at once! Starting with raw food first always. Then starting adding a little dairy if you have it (I add goat cheese first as it’s more alkaline and easy to digest), and then seafood later and meat last over 2-3 days.

Full disclosure – I am not a doctor, I have just been interested in holistic health and wellbeing my whole life, and studied in various holistic therapies and training but please consult a medical professional and do your own research before embarking on anything like this if you are unsure!

Moving Into A New Decade And A New You

How do you feel about moving into this new decade? Can you feel the freshness of the energy that comes with it? The opportunity to make a step-change and create something new? The potential to be more in line with the true you?

As we kick off not only a New Year but a New decade I have an incredible amount of excitement as to the possibilities to come. The potential to move in leaps and bounds creating further alignment with who I truly am in the depths of my being.

I spent 2019 getting rid of a lot of stuff. Emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. It was a clear-out of fairly epic proportions. My body felt like it was in constant clearing mode, I had challenges in my relationships and had to face some awful shadow sides of myself. However, I had an awareness of the need to make space for the new, to detach from that which was safe (yet holding me back), and see the blind spots in the parts of myself that rarely get unleashed on the world. Despite the uncomfortable nature of much of it, I always had faith in the higher purpose of it all. Being human is messy sometimes. I still felt everything deeply in the moment but in those moments when I could elevate my perspective I was comforted.

When you shift your perspective your world changes with it.

It carries energy differently depending on your outlook, which in turn affects your personal vibration off the back of it. Having conscious awareness in the moment is the key.

These holidays I have been nourishing all aspects of myself, and going deep into my heart for my intentions and potential that I am walking into this next decade with. However, I am conscious not to get fixated on anything too specific. It’s important not to get weighed down by goals and lists of things we want or ‘need’ to accomplish in any given year. Maintaining the flexibility to be led by inspiration, and by the divine intelligence that pervades all things should not be overlooked.

If we trust in the flow of life to align us with potentials that might not even be on our radar yet, we cannot lose. Don’t let the ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing or achieving block you from the innate magic that life has to offer. Sometimes standing in the abyss of the unknown is the most fruitful place we can be to connect with our highest potential.

Active Use of Consciousness For Alignment & Flow

How often do you use active consciousness, moment to moment, throughout your day to make use of the energetic codes of everything around you? The colour, sounds and textures in the landscape of your reality?

When you are out for a walk do you connect with the trees and flowers and the birds? Or do you rush through to check it off your to-do list? Have you ever asked the shades of green from the leaves above you to trickle down onto your energy field to balance and realign you with the frequency of that tree? Life is energy in motion. We are made of energy and are made up of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Different aspects of the whole that need attending to, to be in a state of alignment and flow.

Everything we need to balance ourselves is within us. We have inbuilt technology to find creative solutions to anything we want to rebalance, transform, evolve from, or expand into. All that is required is awareness, intention and the conscious action to make use of the abundance that we are surrounded by on this planet, into the galaxy and beyond.

Using Your Reality To Navigate Your Personal Evolution

I don’t know if you have noticed but we are all on a massive evolutionary journey here. Whether you believe in that or not I can guarantee you, that you have experienced challenges in your reality. If we can get our head around how these challenges are actually here to help us evolve, we can experience these hurdles in a completely different energy.

Everything is energy, we all know this by now, but do you know how to use it? What is your energy field communicating to you? What is your live reality feed showing you? Are you using all this energetic information to course correct, inform your decisions or direct your way of being in every moment?

After 41 years on the planet one thing I know for sure is that we are in a constant state of evolution. Nothing is the same from one minute to the next and I have had to learn to ride the waves as I go. Our reality is the mechanism of our evolutionary process and sometimes it may be uncomfortable, which requires immense patience and trust. As much as I want to believe that it doesn’t have to happen the hard way and we can miraculously make these evolutionary leaps in joy and grace, it hasn’t been my experience, yet.

I have always looked to my reality for the deeper meaning. It’s much harder during the challenges than the highs, but in either circumstance it’s about looking for the metaphor, not the story that’s playing out in front of you. Just like some of the great plays of our time, all characters, settings and situations in our experience are actually code for something deeper.

Step back, take a breath, get out of reaction and take a moment to decode what your reality has to tell you.

sunset sky over sea and lighthouse located on hill

If you can pull your self out of the emotion and take a step back to neutralise the charge of the circumstance, then you can start to understand what your reality is really telling you. From this expanded view one can act in a more aligned state of being.

We are all frequency and vibration. Like attracts like and we work in Universal Laws such as the law of reflection, law of attraction and law of one just to name a few.

What this means is that anything you are experiencing is care of YOU. In some way shape or form you have ushered this experience in to your reality to wake you up, to transcend, to accept, make peace with, to clear, to transmute, to bring up emotions, to heal, to transcend, to integrate or to expose the dark in order to bring it to light. In some way shape or form, everything is here to help you. You just have to take a second to look at it through the right lens.

These times are one of change, and of uncertainty, which forces us now more than ever to take responsibility for what we see in front of us. We can’t bury it, fight it, avoid it or disown it any longer. It takes courage to take ownership of the full spectrum of our selves as sovereign beings. To be responsible for our own universe and everything in it. Yet when we can do that, and go against what we have been programmed to do, be the one who is silent, who can detach, observe, sit and feel the discomfort of the present moment in its entirety. Then we navigate our reality from a completely different energy. One that will propel us forward, not hold us back. This is the one who will make the greatest strides in personal evolution.