Joanna Walden has been a writer her whole life. She religiously kept diaries, won junior school poetry competitions and translated her writing skills for business purposes in her global advertising career before writing and publishing her first book in 2020.

One would think for someone so passionate about writing, that this might be an obvious career direction yet it took Joanna decades to land on it.

Whilst completing the Camino de Santiago 900km+ hike across the north of Spain in 2007, Joanna sent email diaries out to friends and family every couple of days, to raving reviews. Although at the time there were many cries of ‘this would make a great book,’ she shrugged it off and continued her search for a career in the alternative healing arts and personal development.

Seven years later Joanna eventually decided to write the story of her personal journey of exploration to find her purpose and true self. She dusted off the old Camino emails and her diaries of all of her comedic adventures thus far to draft what eventually became

The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown

The Inside Hustle ‘How To’ Guide & Workbook

This guide and workbook is a practical step-by-step process for the signature 12 Week ‘Reboot Your Life’ Program

Joanna is currently writing her second book!

An entire book of channelled wisdom and energetic practises to help us out on our personal journey of evolution.

Watch this space…

Freelance Writing Services

Joanna writes for online and physical publications globally, helps others write brand copy and rebrand themselves, speaks about writing and transformation and also writes for corporations.