South Island Summer Solstice

Sacred Site Immersion
Kura Tawhiti, Castle Hill

New Dates for 2022 TBD

The Dalai Lama called Castle Hill ‘The Spiritual Centre Of The Universe’ and for good reason, it is one of the most powerful sacred sites in New Zealand.

It is known as a place of ancient mystery schools from our earliest indigenous people, and is a place where we can access wisdom from the cosmos and tap into parts of ourselves that we have long forgotten.

I have been to Castle Hill multiple times and had some profound experiences and have been dreaming of taking a group ever since.

So I am excited to personally invite you to this special experience in the South Island.

The South Island Immersion will involve:

  • Daily meditation, stretching and bodywork, live energy activations at power sites, hiking & heart technology
  • Transport from Christchurch meeting point
  • Sacred circle, ceremonial cacao and gong bath sound healing
  • 3 nights accommodation, healthy and delicious vegetarian lunches and dinners (BYO breakfast)
  • Inspiration, tools, practises and alchemical consciousness shifting discussions in sacred circle to bring you home to your self on a deeper level
  • Personalised channelled message

There is so much power in group energy activations, and the time is now to step up our inner work and delve into the truth of who we are.

We have the opportunity to do this at sacred sites where the earth energies come together in portals, vortexes and multi-dimensional doorways that give us access to the infinite wisdom that is our birthright and remembrance of ourselves as a divine being.

Do you get the feeling that your soul is tapping you on the shoulder for something more?

Are you wanting to discover parts of your self that might be lying dormant?

Are you ready to attune yourself to high frequency and energise yourself in all layers of your being?

Do you want to reconnect with yourself and explore the multidimensional nature of your being?

If you answered yes to any of these or you are just simply attracted to the idea of connecting to this beautiful sacred site – there is a reason why. Something is in resonance for you that may not be logically explained.

Go with your gut and follow your instincts, there are gifts waiting for you…


$1333 NZD (does not include flights or transport to Christchurch)

Payment options available.

GET IN TOUCH if you are interested in reserving a spot.

Register your interest by contacting Joanna here

What people are saying about Joanna’s retreats:

“I am so much lighter on my feet. I’ve got this new energy about me and life just isn’t as hard any more. You only realise how much more you can handle it when you step out and step back in, in a different way. I have a better relationship with my partner and kids now, and I’ve got a new perspective and light about me.”

“This has been a life enriching experience I will cherish forever. A personal and interpersonal journey of huge value and quality. Jo is a beautiful soul and talented facilitator. The friendships and memories made will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, it will enrich you life in so many ways. Thanks so much Jo!!!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the eclectic mix of yoga, heart technology, bush walks and sound healing. If you are stuck in a mundane routine and need to recharge your batteries, I would recommend one of Joanna’s retreats”