Custom Private Ceremony


Do you have a special occasion you wish to mark?

Something  coming up that you want to set the energy for in a conscious way?

Would you like your space cleared and made into more of a sacred area?

I love working with people to create custom ceremonies, either privately or with your group.

We co-create something special together to suit your specific requirements which can be used for a multitude of occasions.

I intuitively craft customized ceremonies based on the energetics and guided information that comes through to me.

Ceremonies are a beautiful flowing mix of :

  • activating meditation
  • heart technology
  • channelled message
  • weaving sacred elements and energies together to support the process
  • tapping into your innate mastery and multidimensional abilities
  • use of special resins, smoke, fire, crystals, nature

Ceremonies are a profound way to inaugurate a new birth year, a sacred union, a vision, to celebrate friends or accomplishments or any event you wish to unify and amplify energy for intentional purpose in a powerful way.

I love to offer inspiration and ideas and talk you through the process. Rates are provided to brief.

Get in touch and let me know what you are thinking!



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