Live Online Experiences

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Live Online Experiences

Joanna runs live energy journeys on Zoom periodically as she tunes in to bring through the most pertinent energy transmissions, sound activation, tools and wisdom to work with on a daily and/or weekly basis as we surf the latest cosmic energies.

Each energy journey is unique ranging from a weekend masterclass, multi-day or multi-week energy experience.

My next Live Online Energy Journey commences in FEBRUARY 2022

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A guided 6 week energy journey to clear out, recalibrate, activate and upgrade yourself through gentle but powerful transformative work to create space as we foster quantum leaps in your state of being.

11/11 – 12/12 STAR-GATE ENERGY EXPERIENCE 2021 complete

A 5 week online energy adventure where each week we work with the cosmos, our heart technology and the earth to upgrade us and recalibrate all aspects of your being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) so you can align with your true self and allow more of your soul essence to rise within you. 

The gateways of 11/11 and 12/12 are energy portals that are powerful when you harness the energy.

Join me for channelled wisdom, guidance, practical tools & techniques, heart technology, sound & gong healing as we create focus each week to shift, upgrade and connect with more of our true divine nature.

Join us on a 5 week guided journey on Zoom. Each session is 75-90 minutes long with downloadable activations and weekly homework to keep you on track.



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