Gong Therapy

Gong therapy is a form of sound healing using this ancient instrument for health, wellbeing and sacred ceremony

The gong is so powerful for our personal journey.

It produces sonic energy that affects you on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our human technology is 70-80% water, which means we are basically a giant sound resonator.

Vibrations affect water to restructure molecules in many different ways, which the scientific work of Dr Masuru Emoto informed us of many years ago.

Joanna’s Gong Services:

“After participation in Gong Baths with Joanna for over 3 months now, I thoroughly recommend the experience as deeply profound and therapeutic for mind, body, and spirit. It is truly calming and soothing for the nervous system with less anxiety occurrence. I also feel that Joanna has developed a distinct symbiotic relationship with the powerful frequency of this gong which truly enhances the experience more deeply.”

– Annie

Mental clarity, creativity and focus can come from a sound bath

The vibrations of sound activate your body’s ability to heal itself.

Your cells restructure and harmonize with the vibrations and frequencies to bring your body into homeostasis (a state of balance) so all your systems operate in an optimal way.

The vibrations have the ability to soothe your nervous system, shifting from “fight or flight” into “rest and digest”.

At the mental level, the harmonics can induce a meditative state by entraining brainwave frequencies into a lower state, easing your mind into a space where it can rest and restore so people feel deeply relaxed and often have an amazing sleep afterwards.

More About Joanna’s 40″ Atlantis Gong

The deep tone of this 40” unlathed Atlantis gong is full of bass, and powerful undertones – the mix of bronze and seawater creates the unique experience & sound.

The Atlantis Gong is a gift from the deep–from the deep ovens in China where this gong is created.

The tangible vibrations help to get the body and mind into a state where we can allow things to release, so sound healing can move blocked energy and release tension.

The gong can open us up to a deeper part of ourselves, bringing up emotion and/or aid in processing these emotions or what we have buried within.

It is incredible for stress relief and can also induce altered states of consciousness igniting cosmic journeys and connection to other dimensional realms and beings

Everyone has a different experience with the gong. The sound waves stimulate nerve endings and also penetrate into your cells, so you may feel tingling or sensations of electricity.

Some people feel completely blissed out, while others may feel more emotional. This will be different each time you have one in person, or listen to a recording.

Each time the sound and energy is working with you where you are at.