Key Principles

Everything I have created or posted in this Membership is encoded with a specific frequency I access from an expanded level of my being to help us recalibrate our being, shift density, align to the true self, expand consciousness and remember who we truly are.

It is my intention to always guide you back to you.

I can’t do it for you, but I am here to offer material to help you through the process of your own personal evolution.

To foster perspective shifts, to assist in releasing and letting go, to facilitate a deeper connection and understanding of your infinite nature, to help you activate or recognise your gifts and abilities, to remember dormant parts of self, expand your understanding and providing personal examples to illustrate in real time.

I bring through:

  • Wisdom
  • Multidimensional Activations
  • Messages
  • Codes
  • Sound

Everything I bring forward is based on the current energetics – yet this material is timeless. It goes beyond the words, beyond the ideas and beyond the explanations – so always just intend to open and allow for what wishes to connect with you.  Follow your intuition if you are guided to a specific message or activation or revisiting some homework or video, even if years old. There is always a reason why, on the subtle layers of our being, beyond our human understanding.

Heart Technology

All of my work is anchored in Heart Technology, which means using the heart as a multidimensional technology to navigate our inner landscape and all of the dimensional layers of this reality.

In 2017 giant light beings came to me in a dream who insisted that Heart Technology was the most relevant and effective tool/technique on the planet right now.

The heart is the gateway to our divine remembrance, our true potential through our unique energetics and blueprint and that deep connection which we all yearn for.

You can learn about Heart Technology 101 in this video to get your started:

Channeled Messages & Codes

Before reading or looking at these – it’s important to connect into your heart and get out of the mind.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out, slower than usual with your hand on your heart. After 3 of these breaths, keep breathing even slower, and feel uplifting emotions of love, compassion, kindness for yourself and all other beings on the planet.

If you can’t access those – go to gratitude for the simplest thing. Be open to receive and have the intention to absorb the energy and wisdom that wishes to connect with you.

Often it’s not the words – it’s the vibrational frequency of the whole that wants to attune you.  I often hear that people don’t understand some of the messages, yet keep reading it and one day they ‘get it’ completely and the wisdom floods in as the message properly lands within them.

Just open and allow the energy to do the work. Read or look at these every day (multiple times a day if necessary) and/or whenever else feels good for vibrational alignment and recalibration to your true divine blueprint. They have a cumulative effect.

Energy Activations

My energy activations work with sacred geometry, sound, light, sacred sites, energy centers, words – I never know what will come through or what we will be asked to do.

These are like guided, suped-up meditations from a multidimensional perspective.

We often start with getting into the heart, and connecting to the earth and the cosmos, creating alignment within before commanding our multidimensional aspects of self forward, and any other consciousnesses, energies or beings I am guided for us to work with.

If you get lost or can’t follow – just relax, open and allow.

If you feel like you want to sleep – great, you are being knocked out so this can enter more deeply and bypass the conscious mind. If you are guided into other realms or experiences by your intuition and imagination – follow that! You won’t miss anything, and it’s most important to follow what is coming through for you. 

These energy processes, practices and activations work beyond time and space, so don’t expire of become old no matter when they were brought through.  They are evergreen so you can keep coming back to them as needed. 


I use various different ways to work with sound from my voice, tibetan bell, tibetan cymbals, sound bowl, harp, tuning forks and Atlantis gong.

Sound is an incredible way to help us shift and lift. Your own voice is your greatest medicine.


After spending a year in an Intention Masterclass on the science of intention, it is clear this is a profound tool for us all.

So when entering this Membership Portal or engaging with any material, set your intention of what you are wanting to address or receive. Intention is everything.