Live Energy Upgrade Journeys

Surf the latest cosmic energies with Joanna!

Regular, live online energy journeys to upgrade your frequency and bring you into alignment and flow. Joanna brings through the most pertinent energy transmissions, sound activation, tools and wisdom to work with on a daily and/or weekly basis.

Each energy journey is unique ranging from a weekend masterclass, multi-day or multi-week energy experience.

February 14 – March 07 2023

4 Week Energy Upgrade Journey

This is a 4 Week Energy Upgrade journey to guide you through a series of energy activations, teachings and practices to upgrade your field themed around REBIRTH – reconnecting to your divine template to rebirth new parts of this through your body vehicle. This energy series will activate new parts of your energetics within so you can step into more of your True Self and divine signature of light.

  • Energy transmissions
  • Multidimensional activations
  • Tools and techniques
  • Group energy to amplify the work
  • Light, sound and heart technology

Each energy journey is guided on the highest levels of our being to provide exactly what we need for the current energies, frequency and stage of our evolutionary journey.

Tuesday nights at 7.30pm NZT
Online on Zoom
February 14 – March 07

Live classes on zoom for 60-75 mins. Replays are sent immediately after each session.

Energy transmissions, multidimensional activations, tools and techniques + group energy to amplify the work. Light, sound and heart technology.

If you’ve done something like this before (working with the clairs or intuition classes etc) – I assure you it will be very different. In line with the frequency of material I bring through like no other.

If you are feeling that internal nudge – follow it. There is something for you here. I myself cannot wait to get started and expand my own abilities through some focused attention as we go through these 8 weeks.

Oct 16- Nov 22 2022

6 Week Recoding Abundance Energy Upgrade – Complete

A guided 6 week energy upgrade journey to upgrade your field and recode Abundance using the multidimensional portal of the heart to step into our divine potential. 

Jul 05- Aug 23 2022

8 Week Activate Your Superconscious Abilities Energy Upgrade – Complete

A guided 8 week energy upgrade journey to clear anything holding you back from stepping into your intuition, gifts and abilities; activate your multidimensional technology and understand more about the potential of your unique energetic structure.

Apr 05 – May 10 2022

6 Week Virtual Sacred Sites Energy Upgrade – Complete

A guided 6 week energy journey to connect with the wisdom and energy of various different sacred sites to awaken slumbering aspects of self, raise your frequency and expand into an upgraded version of our divine human technology.

Feb 14 – 20 2022

7 Day Energy Upgrade – Complete

A guided 7 day energy jumpstart to raise your frequency and embody the vibration and frequency of love to set ourselves up for the new energies of 2022 coming online.

Sept 23 – Oct 20 2021

Deep Peace 6 Week Energy Upgrade

A guided 6 week energy journey to clear out, recalibrate, activate and upgrade yourself through gentle but powerful transformative work to create space as we foster quantum leaps in your state of being.

Nov 11 – Dec 12 2021

11/11 – 12/12 Star-Gate Energy Experience – Complete

A 5 week online energy adventure through powerful energy portals to work with the cosmos, heart technology and the earth to upgrade and recalibrate all aspects of your being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) so you can align with your true self and allow more of your soul essence to rise within you.