Monthly Cosmic Ceremony

I’ve been guided to host monthly energy transmissions to facilitate working with the current relevant energies in the most powerful way.

Coming together for activating energy work on a regular basis amplifies the work exponentially.

A sacred ceremony with sage, oils and resin, guided activating meditation and energy transmission, cacao ceremony (if in person), sound healing with a 40’ Atlantis Gong & channelled messages and wisdom.

I also do a monthly energy update with channelled wisdom, multidimensional energy transmission, practical tools and a guide to work with the energy of the month.

This is a great opportunity to practice regular honouring of the self, and set intentions for the month ahead, and next lunar cycle.

We gather together for heart-based discussion and activation based on the energy and themes that I am guided to bring forward for the group.

These events are a great way to help us shift, keep ourselves accountable and provide short goal-based periods to work with personally and energetically to create that which we wish.

If you need extra support and inspiration, jump on board and join us – no experience necessary!