New Abundance Codes

Create shifts, changes & make breakthroughs in your life as you up-level your relationship with abundance, prosperity and money!

In 6 days you will free up your energy in so many ways – I was amazed at my personal experience which you will hear all about in this course.

I was guided to share the process with others and make it an accessible price so as many people who need it can join in this profoundly shifting experience.

Abundance is a key code that activates potentiality in all areas in our lives, and it’s important it is accessible for everyone.

  • Identify and unblock anything in the way of your abundance
  • Experience step-by-step reprogramming of yourself via energy activation experiences, tools and techniques to align with the new abundance codes
  • Activate the new abundance codes within all aspects of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & etheric)
  • Experience shifts in your personal energy signature to reflect back to you as changes in your reality

6 x 30-50 min video energy activations

Year long access to the videos, plus downloadable worksheets and meditation files to keep.

Course Outline



Identifying Your Abundance Blocks

A guided activating meditation where I walk you through the self-enquiry process to identify your personal abundance blocks, and next steps on how to address them



Root Chakra Upgrade

Learn the 3 key triggers that stop the flow of abundance, experience a powerful guided activation to upgrade your root chakra and hear direct wisdom regarding the root chakra itself 



The New Abundance Mindset

Understand the 7 pillars of the New Abundance Mindset and experience an activating meditation to rewire your cellular memory and DNA



Redefining Your Relationship With Money

Create a whole new upgraded relationship with money, hear messages and a Q&A session with the consciousness of Money itself



Rewriting Your Abundance Codes

Connect with the resonance and frequency of abundance as you learn the 8 steps to embody abundance in alignment with the new codes



The Miracle of Abundance

Understand the miracle of abundance, use the divine decree and create a miracle placebo effect in your life

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Happy Clients

“I reconnected with family, payments dropped in, settlements went perfectly, increased synchronicities and number codes and I look more youthful!”

“I got multiple job opportunities, a tax refund for the first time in 15 years, payments appearing, animal/number messengers and I dug up a giant rose quartz crystal from my garden!”

“I had so many personal shifts and changes in such a short space of time – two big shifts within the first two hours of doing the first activation!”