Energy Upgrade Journey – Ignite Your Super Conscious Gifts – 8 Weeks starting Tuesday July 05

$49.88 / week for 8 weeks

8 week energy upgrade journey to understand, activate and operate your divine technology and step into your super-conscious gifts & abilities.


I am an activator – most people who work with me start to open up their extra sensory abilities in powerful ways. My frequency contains ability to hold space and guide you back to your mastery.

In this 8 week journey we will:

  • Clear anything holding you back from stepping into your intuition, gifts and abilities
  • Get to know and understand your unique intuitive structure in a more powerful way
  • Activating you on new levels of your being
  • Optimising your divine human technology
  • Tapping into your multidimensional gifts and abilities stored deep within
  • Recognise where you have the ability to level up
  • Build trust and operating skills through claiming mastery

Energy transmissions, multidimensional activations, tools and techniques + group energy to amplify the work. Light, sound and heart technology.

If you’ve done something like this before – I assure you it will be very different. In line with the frequency of material I bring through like no other.

If you are feeling that internal nudge – follow it. There is something for you here. I myself cannot wait to get started and expand my own abilities through some focused attention as we go through these 8 weeks.

$49 per week

If you’d like to pay weekly – just email and let me know.


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