Personalised Channeled Message


Joanna connects with the higher, more expanded perspective and consciousness to receive messages to recalibrate you back to your authentic blueprint. 

  • You receive a personalised, customised writing (usually about a paragraph) that is channelled through from a connection to the higher perspective or infinite intelligence for yourself or someone you know.

  • Joanna just needs a full name to bring through your message.

  • Each message is encoded with light and energy to have a visceral effect on the energy signature of the reader, and recalibrate them back to remember more of their true self and the higher perspective in all things.

  • Note this is not fortune-telling, or prophetic but more eternal truth from source energy and the infinite field of consciousness.

  • Each message is sent within 24-36 hours of purchase.

  • Buy it for yourself or buy as a gift for someone else!