Personalised Gong Sound Activation Mp3 Track


The sonic frequencies of the gong have the ability to help shift, clear, expand and uplift or even provide clarity during times of challenge. The gong can even expand your energy into a cosmic journey where you get in touch with more of your multidimensional nature. You can read more about the power of gong baths here. 

In this personalised activation Joanna captures the energy that wants to come through for you in this gong sound and energy transmission that you will receive as an mp3 file download. If you have a specific concern or challenge you can advise Joanna in the booking form, otherwise she will just tune into whatever wants to come forward for you in this sacred sound transmission.

Personalised gong activations take anywhere from 24-36 hours to be sent out, depending on schedule. Gong bath tracks are anywhere between 15-30 minutes long – depending on the energy that wishes to come forward for you. You will receive this an mp3 file download.