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After 15+ years of a successful advertising career in the global meccas of Melbourne, New York and London, Joanna left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passions of holistic energy transformation.

Joanna is passionate about self-empowerment through energy consciousness, evolving through practical and grounded exploration, shifting consciousness, upgrading our state of being, transformational travel to sacred sites and helping others reclaim their mastery – their innate genius and true selves underneath the conditioning, behavioural patterns and limiting beliefs.

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I have been fascinated by transformation my whole life. Not necessarily physical transformation but deep inner transformation that allows us to harness our innate power as a creator being and consciously craft a reality that serves the truth of who we are.

I’m talking about that light within us. That spark of consciousness that operates on an entirely different level than our personality self. The level that quietly dominates the energetic background of our experience, like an inner gps constantly serving reality to us to alert us to how we are operating, with us barely knowing it until we become conscious and ready to live in a new way.

I was sick of not being where I wanted to be. I was over being challenged by repeating old patterns. I was conscious but still lost and confused and bumping up against myself in a myriad of ways. 

So I relentlessly pursued transformation and change, looking for answers in all sorts of ways – from physical, emotional, spiritual & energetic. Not realising that energetically one must embody that which they wish to become – not continually be in the energy of seeking, searching, healing, trying, over-analysing…or looking outside of oneself for answers. We truly have it all within us.

It was a process to understand how my unique energy signature and human technology operates on the more subtle layers of my being. Yet when I embraced my inner mastery, stopped looking at myself as broken or less than or needing to figure something out – things started slotting into place pretty quick.

I wrote about this journey back to myself in detail in my memoir The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misift’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. Where it became so crystallised that what had really been holding me back was me. As conscious and aware as I was there were a lot of the unconscious patterns playing out as I was getting in my own way or using my energy currency focused into the wrong places outside of myself and criticising instead giving myself enough credit.

Everything that happens on our inner is reflected back to us in our outer reality. You quickly begin to have radical responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions when this lands within – rather than feeling as if life was happening to you, and a victim of circumstances or people in the outside world.

As we look into our conditioning, mental patterns, trauma and programming we start to unpick some of what is controlling our inner world, and make adjustments to recalibrate our self to a new state of being.

The new science confirmed why this works – telling us that: 

  • We are the source field of energy.
  • That every cell in our body functions as a transistor, a resistor and capacitor, storing the releasing information like an antenna receiving and broadcasting data. 
  • That consciousness informs itself. 
  • That we are the energy of creation. 
  • That all matter in the universe is connected and entangled. 
  • The universe is holographic and that we are a fractal. 
  • That emotion influences DNA. 
  • That DNA influences matter, and therefore emotion influences matter.  
  • We have to become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world. 

(Source: Gregg Braden)

We are the technology we have been waiting for. When we really understand our human technology we step into our mastery.

The question is – do you love yourself enough to live your life in a way to fulfill your potential?

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