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After 15+ years of a successful advertising career in the global meccas of Melbourne, New York and London, Joanna left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passions of holistic energy transformation.

Joanna is passionate about self-empowerment through energy consciousness, evolving through practical and grounded exploration, shifting consciousness, upgrading our state of being, transformational travel to sacred sites and helping others reclaim their mastery – their innate genius and true selves underneath the conditioning, behavioural patterns and limiting beliefs.

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There are many facets to my work to take you from one state of being (the old) to another (the new). Transformation, in order to be long lasting and effective needs to have an impact on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of one’s being.

There isn’t a one stop solution or a silver bullet, and so I tailor a lot of my work to the individual or group – guided by my most expanded state of being and drawing from intelligence at a higher level of consciousness.

Sometimes this doesn’t make linear or logical sense – but if I have learnt anything along this path, it’s that that kind of thinking is what is most in the way of our progress.

Interestingly the work I do has the following effects:

  • Opens you up to more of your innate gifts & superconscious abilities
  • Creates more sensitivity via expanded awareness of the subtle layers of your being
  • Brings you a deeper connection to yourself
  • Creates harmony & alignment within
  • Fosters better relationships
  • Brings more flow, synchronicity & opportunity into your life
  • Rebalances the emotional and mental body’s
  • Entrains you out of reliance on the mental body
  • Activates your heart technology

I prefer to spend more time focusing on the new than digging up skeletons and going over and over old trauma. The truth is – we change in the most expedited way when we do this.

When we embody that which we wish to be – we become it. All we have to do is get out of our own way and rewire ourselves to the new.

It takes conscious awareness and effort to create the new – which is why my signature 12 week ‘reboot your life’ program is so successful. Weekly sessions and an open dialogue help immensely as you navigate life to enable you to be constantly reminded of how to reframe and reprogram yourself.

The good news is that everything we need is already within us. Stepping up to reclaim your mastery becomes effortless along the way. The new science supports the background of this work – allowing us to understand from a quantum physics perspective the intricacies of our human technology and why and how this program of transformation works.

The work is anchored in heart technology as we go through a process of an intimate deep dive into levels of yourself you may have not be aware of or explored before. I gently guide you as we work through the blindspots, conditioning, belief systems and programming to open into new levels of consciousness, recalibrate all layers of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etheric) and rewrite your programs. 

I guide you back to you – back to connection with your true self, remembrance of your mastery and into a new version of you. We use consciousness shifting conversations, quantum multidimensional practices, sound therapy (voice, gong bath and other sound frequencies like tuning forks, tibetan bell and symbols, shamanic drum), channelled messages and tools and techniques to vibrationally shift you into a new state of being. 

I am incredibly passionate about our human potential, and opening us back up to our divine technology in a practical way that helps us experience our daily life with more ease, grace, prosperity & love.

I believe we are just scratching the surface of what we are capable of and right now at this time on the planet it is vital for us to start the journey of remembrance. To step back into how magnificent and masterful we truly are, why we came and how we can inspire and serve others when we embody this completely.

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