What people say about working with Joanna

“I’ve worked with Joanna for over a year (and on-going) with weekly 1:1 coaching, home ceremony & clearings, gong baths, vision quests and my life and business has transformed more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve met the love of my life, my career is on fire and I feel like a completely different person. I am so grateful for this work, thank you Joanna.”

– Evie

“You helped me with something I have been trying to figure out for years. Whatever we did started a chain reaction that allowed me to uncover more of the issue in different ways and forms. I feel like I’ve got more of a comfort and ease, and a deeper connection with my intuition.”

– Katie

“My biggest and most powerful shift has been coming back to myself, feeling myself, hearing myself, beginning to trust and know myself again. I am clearer, I can really ‘see’ things around me now, my mind is quieter, my emotions are more stable, my mental state is more peaceful. My heart is becoming my compass, not my head.“

– Marnie

“When I decided to sell my business I needed to get myself back into alignment and flow. Joanna helped to facilitate me in freeing up my stuck energy, which resulted in multiple offers on the table swiftly, and eventually produced a sale. I experienced visible results as things shifted while we worked together and I felt supported and energised by the work I did with Joanna.“

– Susan

Absolutely have grown to feel the beautiful energies that Joanna talks about, I am also growing such inner peace and knowledge of the abundance in which life is all about too.. such a thrilling and fantastic journey. Can’t wait to dive deeper into the wonderful and positive changes.

– Bel

I had a great experience with Jo she helped clarify where I want to be and what’s holding me back extremely accurately. it was really refreshing to get a second perspective and to come away with techniques that even I passed forward including connecting with my heart and calm.

– Anita

“I found Joanna to have a warm, grounded and assertive energy. She listened very well and provided useful methodologies for aligning with my truth, which I was struggling to hear at the time. This was useful in both a personal and business context.“

– Hadleigh

“Thank you for all your time spent with me, my mind, body and soul! Once my mind started to get out of the way my alignment with my true self has shifted. I actually feel that this lock-down has enabled me to recalibrate further into reshaping my daily rituals, throwing out the shit that hasn’t worked for me to set me up nicely for the day and whatever it reveals. I feel a lot more at ease with everything despite the obvious unknowns etc. that’s all down to you Joanna and the gentle guidance you’ve provided to enable me to see things more clearly and realign my ‘being’. My heart is open and I let it lead me on a much more conscious level that will become more effortless and automatic over time. I’m out of my way and look forward to the limitless possibilities ahead for me and all in my field!!!”

– Amanda

“Like the words from the beautiful song “Amazing Grace”…..”Where once I was blind, and now I see….”, similarly, working with Joanna really is a miraculous experience….like being cured from blindness…it’s highly charged, powerful, and life changing.

After reading and being enraptured by The Inside Hustle by Joanna, I was delighted to see she offered personal energy mentoring and promptly commenced her 12-week transformation healing course.

Joanna has this highly skilled ability to awaken the darkness of your subconscious mind, and work closely with you to unpack long held, limiting beliefs that are continuing to cause pain and/or disruption in your life, and through helping you to gain perspective and acceptance, work with you to develop strategies that grow and foster balance, harmony and happiness.

Through working with Joanna I found deep spiritual healing, I have experienced energetic shifts that have allowed me to become lighter, brighter and more authentic. I have found peace.

I have nothing but praise, respect, admiration and gratitude for the gift of Joanna bringing forth this work of truth, insight and beneficial for so many in real need. Joanna, the Goddess of Light and Love.“

– Elizabeth

“I started the 12 week Personal Energy Mentoring course with Jo when I was in a pretty dark place, I had been struggling with a number of personal issues for years and felt like I’d totally lost my connection with myself – I had no idea who I was or what my purpose was anymore. Over the weeks we unpacked all of the limiting beliefs I had been holding about myself, some since childhood, and all the false narratives I’d been feeding myself that had placed me right in my own way, unable to move or see a way forward. We pulled them all out into the open, shone a light on them, discussed how and why they weren’t serving me, and either reframed them into positives or were able to let them go with acceptance, love and compassion.

Week by week I felt that dark cloud that had been hanging over me dissipate until I could see, move forward into and finally embody that light at the end of the tunnel. Jo provided me with such deep insight in every session, with channelled messages and channelled guided meditations that always caused MASSIVE shifts to occur within me in the days and weeks that followed. I’m not exaggerating when I say that by the end of our time together I honestly felt like a new woman. Jo gave me so many tools to use to ground myself, realign myself, and connect in with and live from my heart space rather than my head on a daily basis. I shifted from living in a near constant state of anxiety and despondence to living in a state of gratitude in full knowledge of my own divinity and sacred femininity. I would recommend Jo to anyone struggling with feeling disconnected or untethered in their life – our journey together was truly amazing!“

– Phoebe