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After 15+ years of a successful advertising career in the global meccas of Melbourne, New York and London, Joanna left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passions of holistic energy transformation.

Joanna is passionate about self-empowerment through energy consciousness, evolving through practical and grounded exploration, shifting consciousness, upgrading our state of being, transformational travel to sacred sites and helping others reclaim their mastery – their innate genius and true selves underneath the conditioning, behavioural patterns and limiting beliefs.

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I am often asked, ‘What do you actually do with clients?’ and ‘How do you help clients transform?” So, I wanted to share a little more detail about what I do.

My lifelong passion into the unseen world of energy, spirit and consciousness meant that I learned Transcendental Meditation at age 14, Reiki at 15 years old, have done various workshops on angels, power animals, raw food nutrition and cooking, channelling and healing to name a few.

I did my professional degree in Applied Kinesiology over 3 years in London which taught me a lot about energy, how it operates in our mind and body and some key principles that have helped me understand an individual’s energy signature and what is going on with them.

I have inhaled a plethora of information from leaders in the spiritual and personal development fields over the course of my life, and tested out a lot of it on myself.

I pursued training in other modalities for some time, but nothing really sat right with me, or felt like ‘the thing,’ possibly because I didn’t see the results I really wanted to see on myself.

So after a series of jobs in my old career fell over, for reasons not relating to me personally at all, I could read the signs and knew there was no energy left in that old world for me anymore.

It was spurring me on to something different and I was inspired with an idea to use all of the skills and wisdom I had learnt and put them together in a way of working with people that disrupted them out of their old patterns and version of self.

My process has been fine-tuned over the years and is ever-evolving, as I am downloaded with new tools and techniques all the time. No two programs are the same in my signature personalised one-to-one 12-week program, and it’s so fun to see where the energy leads us.

This process is:

  • An intimate deep dive into levels of yourself you may have not be aware of or explored before.
  • Working through blindspots, conditioning, belief systems and programming to open into new levels of consciousness,
  • Recalibrating all layers of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etheric) and
  • Rewriting and creating new programs and ways of being.

Check Out My 12 Week Signature ‘Reboot Your Life’ Program

12 weeks provides the optimal time to change on all levels, and be accountable as I gently guide you through.

We use quantum conversations, multidimensional practices, sound healing, channelled messages and much more to vibrationally shift to a new state of being.

I keep it fun and lighthearted, as it doesn’t need to be heavy doing this work. We spend more time focusing on the new than digging up buried bodies, so be assured, there is nothing to be afraid of!

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