Speaking Engagements and Trainings

Joanna speaks to audiences about change and transformation and has been a featured speaker at the Mind Body Spirit Convention, Revive Festival, Resolution Festival and the Auckland Women’s Center. She has also spoken at various libraries and community events.

Joanna is passionate about change, transformation, human potential and consciousness and how we can all do our part in our human evolution on this planet towards a better world.

Joanna crafts speeches and workshops specifically tailored to big corporates, small businesses and community groups who would like an inspirational or motivational speaker or to be taught foundational skills of change and transformation.

Examples of corporate workshop topics include:

  • Heart Technology – The Gamechanger For All Areas Of Your Life,
  • The 7 Step Process Of Change
  • Self Realisation To Improve Your Work Life.

Get in contact with Joanna to discuss your needs, and we can co-create something powerfully transformative together