Reboot Your Life

The Signature 12 Week Transformation Program

Are you ready to become a new version of yourself and leave the old behind?

Do you want to change but have no idea where to start? Are you sick of feeling stuck or repeating the same patterns? Or feel like you don’t know your purpose in life? Do you have dreams that you have never realised? Or are you just ready to upgrade into the next level of you on your journey?

Drawing from decades of experience in her own personal journey of evolution, holistic training and study Joanna has crafted her signature program from what she found truly works on a practical level that helps us not only energetically, but in the physicality of our day-to-day life.

This 12 week energy experience is personalised to each 1:1 client – no two 12 week journey is the same.

Each 12 week program is customised to clear the old, open new levels of self connection, awareness and activate your unique coding to allow expression of your highest version of self.

90 days is the optimum time for us to adopt a new way of living, and actually create lasting change to our state of being.

Program Details

  • A customised 12 week program crafted to your personal needs and requirements
  • 12 x 90-120 minute sessions on Zoom or in-person once per week
  • Weekly homework to help recalibrate your being on a daily basis
  • Additional personal support and follow-ups between sessions as Joanna holds space for you to deeply shift
  • Access to Joanna’s latest multi-dimensional wisdom & guidance
  • Personalised activating meditations, gong baths sessions, channelled messages & bonuses
  • Priority access to Joanna’s other events

How Does It Work?

We start with an initial session to unearth what is buried in all aspects of your life. Then move into a series of sessions to bring conscious awareness to what is contributing to your old state of being.

Together we strategically use energy transmissions, tools and practises to shift you out of unconscious programming, conditioning, belief systems and blind spots so you can reconnect with your true self underneath the layers.

This is a complete reboot of your life in a 360 degree way. We break through perceived blocks, patterns and challenges so you can shift into alignment and experience more happiness, harmony and success in all areas of your life.

Tools, awareness and mindset adjustments are shared to course-correct your daily life with ease and grace, entraining you into life-long lasting practices and knowledge to take forward with you into your future via the reclaimation of your mastery.

Each session is intuitively crafted by Joanna for you personally, depending on what is pertinent to work on each week.

Each session includes breathwork, activating meditations, quantum practices, alchemical conversations, customised multidimensional experiences, energy transmissions, sound therapy and channelled wisdom.

You will remember your true authentic self, ignite your unique energetic blueprint and feel a deep sense of connection and contentment like never before.

“Joanna has this highly skilled ability to awaken the darkness of your subconscious mind, and work closely with you to unpack long held, limiting beliefs that are continuing to cause pain and/or disruption in your life, and through helping you to gain perspective and acceptance, work with you to develop strategies that grow and foster balance, harmony and happiness.

Through working with Joanna I found deep spiritual healing, I have experienced energetic shifts that have allowed me to become lighter, brighter and more authentic. I have found peace.”

– Elizabeth


NZD $291 / USD $209 per week for full 360 mentoring and coaching

Payment options are either:

  • The total amount in full of NZD $3,499, to receive a bonus of the 6 week Heart Technology course worth $279 OR
  • $1,166 per month (paid each month in advance).
  • If you really want to do this program and these payment options don’t work for you – get in touch and we can work something out!

I’m confident of my work, and therefore happy to refund you for any sessions unused after the first 4 weeks if you no longer wish to continue the program for any reason.