Vision Quests

I conduct personalised and customised, private 1:1 and small group vision quests in multiple locations (Waiheke Island, Auckland City & beyond).

This includes sacred sites, sound healing, energy activations, customised sacred ceremony, channelled messages, guidance and healing.

A vision quest is the generic English term traditionally referencing the ritual of a rite of passage undertaken by those coming of age, performed in many different native cultures. These native cultures are from all over the world and all have slightly different names, processes, reasons and rituals.

This might involve fasting, sacred ceremony and spending days alone at sacred sites in nature to allow the young person to request a vision from the spirit world, “one that will help them find their purpose in life, their role in a community, and how they may best serve the People. Dreams or visions may involve natural symbolism – such as animals or forces of nature – that require interpretation by Elders.”

A modern-day vision quest takes inspiration from these ideas but is conducted in a new way.

By intentionally focusing on the questions we might have about our lives and direction, we can start igniting the flow of energy and undertake a personal vision quest, to receive answers for a path forward or a decision we may have been struggling with

  • We embark on a journey to reconnect with ourselves, and the natural world at sacred sites to activate and download any wisdom available to us.
  • We undertake specific activating processes to ignite personal growth, expansion and tap into non-physical support to pull answers out of the quantum field.
  • Then we use our conscious awareness to decode everything in our reality that is interacting with us, and interpret what messages are being delivered to us.

If you are interested in a Vision Quest or more information about how it works check out this article and/or please get in touch.

“less angry and more
full of love

After my vision quest I felt less angry and more full of love. I patched up some relationships and received insight as to how I can let go, and move forward in a more balanced way