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By shining light on your blind spots and recalibrating yourself with new programming and energetics, you can shift and transform with grace and ease into a new state of being. Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Joanna has the ability to see the energetic layering, behaviours and programs that are contributing to your current state of being, and to find a way through in a direct, yet loving way

By shining light on your blind spots and recalibrating yourself with new programming, we shift and transform with grace and ease into a new way of being

Joanna’s work is comprised of:

  • Consciousness shifting conversations
  • Alchemical heart technology
  • Channelled wisdom
  • Activating energy work
  • Sound healing
  • Practical tools and techniques to incorporate into your daily life and more!

This isn’t about separating your personal practice from the real world – but embodying a new perspective and way of understanding the world to keep your frequency high as you navigate real life, and your reality with expanded consciousness.

I will help you shift out of the old version of yourself, break through limitations and subconscious patterns, move out of reaction, diffuse triggers and recalibrate aspects of the self to bring you back to your innate mastery and wholeness.

You are not broken or needing to be fixed, and you are so much more than you realise! It’s about guiding you back to the truth of who you are, beneath all the layers and falsities that are in the way.

Consistent practice is key to integrating this new way of being into your life in real-time to level up in all areas of your life.

Joanna is passionate about guiding people back to their true selves and their innate mastery

Find your alignment, flow and real connection to your true authentic self – the one that holds the key to success in all areas of your life!


Single Session

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6 Week Refocus

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12 Week Reboot

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360 Business

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Online Courses

New Abundance

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Heart Technology

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The True Self

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The monthly ‘Mastery Membership’ program is designed to make it easy to tap into your personal development work in a supportive environment to inspire your on-going evolution.

Having access to regular energy work, practical transformative tools, wisdom, and reminders inspiration is the key to navigating change and stepping into our innate mastery so we can upgrade our day-to-day life. Consistency is the key to progress!